IMSP - Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie "Chiril Draganiuc"

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The Clinical-diagnostic Laboratory

Vitalie Bologa, doctor in medicine, associate professor
The performed services:
  • clinical, biochemical and microscopic analyses of the blood and other biological liquids: sputa, pleural liquid, cephalous-rahidian puncture, the bronchial lavage;
  • the examination of different bio substratum for etiological establishment of nonspecific inflammatory diseases, sceptic-pus processes;
  • sanitary-bacteriological researches;
  • the establishment of the bacterium and viral flora;
  • the establishment of the sensitiveness of the bacterium towards the antibiotics;
  • serological, immuno-enzymatic and immuno-fluorescent investigations;
  • the identification of the atypical microorganisms;
  • the examination of the acid-basic balance and of the microelements.